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TATA DOCOMO PREPAID : Data Packs for Andhra Pradesh

TATA DOCOMO PREPAID :  from 24 Nov 2012

Data Packs for Andhra Pradesh

MRP(Rs.)            Free Usage Details              ValidityDays

Post Free Data Usage Charges
149       4 GB                                            56
15p/ 10KB
135      3 GB                                            90
15p/ 10KB
98      1.5 GB                                         30
15p/ 10KB
69      1 GB                                            30
15p/ 10KB
55      500 MB                                       21
15p/ 10KB
26      300 MB                                         3
15p/ 10KB

TATA DOCOMO Balance Transfer…


Process of Transfer & Charges:

To transfer Balance Member need to type “BTTarget Mobile Number Amount” and send it to 54321
To reverse the Amount a Member needs to type “RBTTransaction ID” and send it to 54321
SMS to 54321 for Balance Transfer will be charged at Re.1 and for reversal will be Toll Free.

TATA Docomo GPRS Settings SMS & Manually

GPRS settings for TATA DOCOMO :-
By SMS:-

To subscribe and activate GPRS on TATA DOCOMO

SMS INTERNET to 52270 (toll free on Tata DOCOMO home & chargeable on non DOCOMO Network)

Save the received settings. Default Access Point will be DOCOMOINTERNET APN (Access Point Name).

Manual Settings:- 
Under the 'TATA DOCOMO INTERNET' WAP profile in Settings:
Data Bearer GPRS
Username -Blank
Password -Blank
Homepage -any
Connection Security -Off
Session Mode -Permanent

If you do not have a Nokia and Sony Ericsson phone, you'll need to set your phone manually with these details.Setting Name TATA DOCOMO Internet
Home page any
Session mode Permanent
Connection Security Off
Data Bearer GPRS
IP address :
Authentication type :Normal
Login type :
User name : Blank
Password : Blank

Enjoy Surfing..!!!

Thank You