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How to Create Your Own Customized Run Commands

Run commandThe Run command on Microsoft Windows operating system allows you to directly open an application or document with just a single command instead of navigating to it’s location and double-clicking the executable icon. However, it only works for some of the inbuilt Windows programs such as Command prompt (cmd), Calculator (calc) etc. So, have you ever wondered how to create your own customized Run commands for accessing your favorite programs, files and folders? Well, read on to find out the answer.

How To Password Protect Your Pen Drive

Do you carry sensitive data in your pen drive? Then you should carefully keep your pen drive. Oh! You mean you are not that careful too. Then I would suggest that you should password protect your pen drive. Yes folks, you can do this by a simple method. This is an added advantage to Windows Vista and Windows 7 users that they can easily password protect their pen drives with the help of BitLocker Drive Encryption. Its an inbuilt feature of both of these operating systems.
Today we will try to understand that how we can password protect our pen drive. But before going to the process we must consider the advantages which you get by doing this.

How to Speed up Nokia Phone Modem

onetouch access
Many of you may use Nokia Phone to connect yourself to internet. Which uses 2G or 3G.
This trick will help you in boosting the Internet speed of your Nokia Phone Modem by 100%.
  • Connect your Nokia Phone modem to your PC and connect it to internet by using One Touch Access of Nokia PC suit.
  • Click on the computer activity icon which is similiar to my-computer icon and will be blinking off and on. and will be placed on your task-bar.

How to run symbian s60 apps on computer

1. Download Symbian SDK from Here
2. Install the SDK and all chaintools included in the package in their default location.
3. After all packages are installed, reboot your PC.
4.Now goto Start » Program files » Nokia Developer Tools » Symbian SDK » Emulator to launch the emulator
5. Wait for the Emulator to completely load. The Emulator program will look like this when finished loading.

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